Rings of Fire, the new album by Nord

Rings of Fire

Music composed & recorded by Sztakics István Attila in January & February 2017 using analog, digital and modular synthesizers, modern and vintage drum machines and samples from sampleswap.org, inspired by different thoughts and moods.
Artwork by Főcze Hunor.

To record this album I used extensively my Yamaha Electone C 605 P vintage home organ routed through my modular synthesizer. Also, an other vintage gear used was my CASIOTONE 1000 P. The Doepfer A-100 type modular synth was used for sound effects, Other gear used: Moog Sub 37, Moog Mother 32, Vermona Mono Lancet 15′, Nord Lead 4, Yamaha Reface DX, Kurzweil PC3LE6, Nord Wave a Roland JDXi, JD-800, TR-8 mixed with sounds sampled from my KEIO Minipops 7.

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