Nord: In the Shadow of the Gods

It is undeniable that the western culture is based on the heritage of the ancient Roman Empire. Their culture, and even their law is the base of our modern culture or even our everyday life.
Greek and Roman Gods are present in our everyday life, in (paintings, sculptures, music) – from ancient times and in modern science also (e.g. Apollo program of NASA). It seems that “Roma aeterna” is true in every case.
Just look to the Moon – Luna or more far to the stars and you will find planets like Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn etc. They are around us always.

Visiting Pompei with my dear wife and my friends a couple years ago I saw a beautiful ancient painting on a wall showing Venus in a shell – The birth of Venus. This painting and the other “more recent”.Birth of Venus by Sandro Boticelli inspired me to compose this album about Venus and about other eternal gods of the Roman mythology.
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released January 17, 2020

Music by Sztakics István – Attila
Artwork by Föcze Hunor.
all rights reserved

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