Andreas Meyer aka Nord: Irrgarten 2

Andreas Meyer was the name of an alternative project of the man behind the Nord project – Sztakics Istvan Attila. The purpose of this project was to make a tribute to the autor’s german ancestors and to explore deeper and deeper the pure Berlin school style, in the German way: with a German project name, with German titles in the purest German electronic music style.

After the fantastic journey made in the previous album, Irrgarten I -, this newer album, Irrgarten 2, explores new dreamy, fantastic elements of the Maze. Come in if you dare…

Music composed and recorded by Sztakics Istvan Attila.
Mixing and mastering by Kertesz Huba.
Cover design by Alba Ecstasy.41701026_2150339608311887_3245962443515494400_n

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