A Red Zenith & Mare Nubium in SEQUENCES PODCAST No. 95

I am happy to announce you, that my music from my latest two albums A Red Zenith and Mare Nubium were included into Sequences Podcast no 95 last week. You can listen to the podcast here: https://www.mixcloud.com/mickgarli…/sequences-podcast-no95/….
In this podcast my music is between min 1:16:40 – 1:35:36.
Sequenced Podcasts are aired on six music sites and are listened from many countries as: USA, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, UK, Brazil, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Chile, Lithuania, Sri Lanka, India, Colombia, Czech Republic, Lebanon, Norway, Finland, Kenya, Israel, Ireland, Luxembourg,South Africa, Belarus, Mexico, Malta, Sweden, Namibia, Portugal,Costa Rica, Croatia, Slovakia, Austria, Japan, Russia, plus 24 other countries.
Thank you dear listeners from the entire world!
Thank you Mick Dundee Garlick @ The Sequences Podcast Team!

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