Nord: Horizons

The Earth meets the Sky,
Our World merges with the Heavens,
Find the state between reality and dream
Transform the sound into colors.

I had always a thought my mind that there must be a correlation between colors and sound.
After many years of playing synthesizers, creating different sounds, patches, and listening to different types of music I realized that in fact there is a link, a connection between sound and colors.

Not so long ago, I attended to an exhibition of my cousin’s paintings, who showed me at a moment three paintings (very interesting abstract landscapes). They were very similar, but also very different in the same time. They were variations of the same theme, using similar colors. I was moved. He told me: Look! Those paintings are like your music. Watch the colors!

Indeed I felt again in my mind the connection between sound and colors. I looked to the paintings again. I saw a blue sky and some white clouds painted on the canvas. But wait!, The clouds weren’t white. They were actually pink! They only seemed to be white in contrast with the blue color of the… more
released October 15, 2019

All music composed, performed and recorded by Nord.

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